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Mr & Mrs Blakeley - Ilkeston


Our clients were having some building work done, opening up the back of their property to allow for a new kitchen, dining and living space. We visited their property in order to take some accurate measurements, but also to see the building works. When we visited the steel was in and the velux windows had been fitted. There was still lots of work to do, it was important for us to understand the space and how the clients wanted to live in and use that space. After taking the measurements, we returned to the Showroom to start the design work. The clients returned to see us and go through the design. When we have a design appointment with a customer it really helps bring the room to life.

our CAD software is excellent and helps our customers visualize their new kitchen.

It also gives us the chance to go through all of the finer detail, selecting handles, sink, tap, internal storage solutions, lighting etc. So when we are done, we have the perfect kitchen.


The antique bronze cup handles we have used throughout look stunning when you make the whole kitchen drawerline, then we matched up the tap to the same finish in order to really tie the theme together. Lots of customer’s show little interest in a tap, but choosing the right one can make it a feature of the kitchen.

Budget: £12k - £16k
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