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Mr & Mrs Breeden - Breadsall


Our designer first met with the clients at their property in October one early evening. Their kitchen had been ripped out and they were left with a very bare, dark and miserable space with lots of twists and turns. At that stage, they did not really know what look they wanted or the colour palette. The back wall had been extended and stunning timber-framed glass panels had been installed, displaying the garden. Our designer could imagine in the summertime this would be a wonderful space, bringing the outside in whilst drinking the first cup of coffee of the day. The family regularly entertained and were keen health-conscious cooks. The layout was the initial challenge as well as limited wall space. From the kitchen, there was access to the hall, utility room, living room and back garden, so there was a constant flow of traffic.

Our designer introduced curves to the design to help soften the entrances into the centre of the kitchen.


The original limestone flooring was staying, so the colour palate needed to complement this, but the clients also wanted something bold.  Our designer found the perfect solution with Shaker Almond for the outside of the kitchen and Shaker Charcoal for the centrepiece. Worktops were mixed with dark steel granite to contrast with the Almond and on the centrepiece we used Marbled Almond and a chunky timber seating area, again continuing with the curved theme.

Introduce curves to soften the lines and mixing materials (granite and timber) to create added texture and interest.

Budget: £20k and over
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