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A small kitchen does not mean the quality and craftsmanship need to suffer. Working with a smaller surface area means you have to consider limitations and effective designs.

Alongside this, there are several simple tricks to make a room feel bigger; manipulating light, choosing specific colours and drawing focus to certain points in the room to name a few.

To help inspire your future designs, here are 3 simple tips and tricks to making a small kitchen feel bigger.

Utilising the space available

Small kitchens can be difficult as there is a reduced area to work with. As a result, small kitchen layouts need to be carefully planned to ensure every inch of the room is utilised to maximise the space available.

Depending on the space available, there are particular layouts that can make a room feel bigger and more spacious.

For example, streamlined units are perfect for narrow, galley kitchens as they direct the eyes to the end of the kitchen and enhance the feel of the space. A box room with cupboards across all four walls can feel small and closed in, so instead, opt for an L-Shaped kitchen with cupboards along two walls which encourages a flow of movement around the room.

De-Clutter with Hidden Storage

Incorporating built-in storage systems that can place items out of sight is a simple yet highly effective way of making a kitchen seem more open. Worksurfaces that are littered with pots of coffee, cooking oils and tea towels, can seem cluttered and reduce how open the space feels. Our 150mm Base Unit Pull Outs are the perfect under storage for these everyday items that take up valuable surface space.

Lighting is Essential

Light or pale colours reflect light around the room which is a great way of expanding the space visually. This doesn’t have to necessarily just be white!

Lighting is often left as an afterthought in a kitchen design, however in a smaller kitchen it is crucial to get right.

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