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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen there are plenty of choices and some decisions can be easy to make, for example, choosing between a modern and a traditional style kitchen. Other decisions can be tougher and require a lot of thought and sometimes imagination to picture how they will look.

Within any kitchen, the details matter and finishing touches such as taps, tiles and floor coverings can make all the difference in achieving the kitchen of your dreams. An important detail to get right is the worktop. Covering a large expanse, the kitchen worktop must be durable, attractive and co-ordinate with the chosen cupboards.

To help you, we have come up with a run-down of some of the worktop options available…


A granite worktop oozes sophistication and creates an impression of style and quality. What’s more, granite is extremely durable and easy to maintain and with plenty of choice in terms of colour and finish, finding a granite worktop to match with your kitchen is usually easy to do.


Quartz worktops like their granite cousins give a refined and polished look to any new kitchen. Quartz has a very sophisticated appearance and consist of no less than 90% inorganic materials, mainly quartz and silicone.

Quartz worktops have the feel and weight of natural stone and due to their colour consistency, they are better than any other natural stone. Before the worktop is ready to install in your kitchen, there are a few processes that it needs to go through first.


A laminate worktop is a practical choice, not only is it able to withstand the rigours of everyday life, but it is a cost-effective choice also. Another advantage to choosing laminate is that there is a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, making achieving your dream look even easier.


The natural beauty of wood always looks good and with a range of finishes to choose from, finding the perfect match for your kitchen is easy. With their wonderfully tactile finish and warm tone, a wooden surface makes a great investment. Unlike other surfaces, they do require some maintenance including a regular coating with oil. Burns, scratches and other marks can be removed by sanding.

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