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Wondering what’s hot – and what’s not – in the world of kitchen appliances for 2020? And in some cases yes, we do mean literally. Still, be intrigued no longer. For we have the answers right here in this very article.

Our modern kitchen technological discoveries include a fridge/freezer with intuitive exterior touch control and three different temperature zones. For those who love a glass of wine of an evening, there is a smart cooler with dual temperature control, allowing you to keep both your red and white wine at the perfect setting. And, for interactive technology lovers and kitchen appliances there is a smart oven controlled hands-free via Alexa or Google Assistant. Read on to find out more…

Kitchen appliances: Sharp Smart Oven

That very oven we’ve just mentioned is from Sharp and also comes with an integrated cooing app. Called Innit, the app adapts recipes for individual tastes. It also comes up with recommendations for those days when you just can’t be bothered to think what to cook – or even check what’s in your kitchen cabinets. Other highlights include a digital meat probe so you don’t have to waste the look of your roast by sticking a fork in it prior to presenting it to the table.

Hoover wine coolers

The wine coolers we spoke about in our introduction are from Hoover. The HWCB60 is capable of storing up to 46 bottles, has adjustable wooden shelving and an LED display. There is also adjustable temperatures so that bottles can be kept chilled while others remain at room temperature. Genius!

Kitchen appliances: Anova steam oven

Yes, you heard that right… a steam oven. The Anova Precision Oven says its steam setting gives faster cooking speeds and accurate temperate control. And, as well as great for cooking, it is also perfect for baking with. We have to say, this is one of our favourite kitchen appliances to date.

LG’s oven with air fryer

If you can get an oven to steam then why not air fry? At least that’s the thinking behind GQs integrated InstaView ThinQ Range. They use hot vapourised water to increase food temperature and supply an app with recipes which can all be used for the air fry settings. And, of course, be reducing the amount of oil used in cooking, the fat content of the food is also reduced. Let’s face it, if you’re going to eat chips then they might as well be as healthy as possible…

Kitchen appliances: Juno rapid chiller

Turn your freshly brewed coffee into an ice coffee or your tea into well, the iced version too – in minutes. The Juno Chiller is described as ‘a reverse microwave’ ie for cooling rather than heating. According to its manufacturers Juno uses the latest IT known as thermoelectric cooling. As well as cooling down hot drinks, it can chill a bottle of beer in under one minute and get a bottle of white wine down to 50 degrees in just three minutes.

Miele’s ‘talking’ washer and dryer

Miele’s Wash2Dry function allows the washer and dryer to communicate with each other via wifi. What that means for the householder is that the dryer learns when the wash is ended and sets up the correct drying programme for the clothes. The QuickPowerWash system ensures a wash is completed within 49 minutes, while their AddLoad function allows the owner to pop in any item of clothing while the wash is ongoing. It’s washing – but not as we’ve previously known it…

Neff’s Pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens

Who doesn’t love a self-cleaning oven? These work by heating the oven to 500 degrees celcius and, at the same time, removing all the oxygen from the inside the oven. Being so high, the temperature burns the grease inside, reducing it to a pile of ash which can then easily be wiped away. The whole process takes around just 90 minutes.



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