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Dove Grey Shaker - Long Eaton, Nottingham

Updated: May 18, 2023


The client wanted a space for her beautiful dog Mitzi and to create a kitchen where she can entertain. She also takes care of her grandchildren and a must was a space for them to site so she can keep an eye on them while she cooks. They wanted to create a kitchen that was the heart of the home – where when the family came over they could all be together. My client throws regular dinner parties so plenty of space still was needed so her guests could gather around the island.

Mitzi likes to be with them when they have the dinner parties so a place in the kitchen out of the way where she could relax was essential.


Try thinking outside the box when a client has unusual requests. It's not every day when you get asked to incorporate a dog bed in the kitchen! I used a normal base unit with no shelves and a drawer above – I then used a frame profile to finish the look.

Budget: £15k - £18k

Duffield Kitchens, Serving Derby & Nottingham



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