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Gloss Silver Grey Handleless - Oakwood

Updated: May 18, 2023


Our client, a young busy family wanted a contemporary looking kitchen with clean lines, a nice open space and an area that they could relax in whilst entertaining.

Originally, our client wanted to replace their existing kitchen in their current kitchen space and was settled on a design.

However, after careful consideration, it was decided to open the back of their house with a full-width extension and a second design was created.


At the time, the colour Gloss Silver Grey had just been launched and was the perfect colour choice for this ultra-modern kitchen. Teamed with white walls, handleless doors and integrated appliances, it undoubtedly aided into achieving clean lines and a truly contemporary look.

An island was incorporated into the centre of the kitchen as a feature and for functional purposes. Three stunning pendants hanging above the island and an elm back panel worked perfectly in adding a hint of warmth and atmosphere to the room.

Budget: £12k - £16k

Duffield Kitchens, Serving Derby & Nottingham



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