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When you think of a kitchen, you normally think of bright kitchen units, large windows for natural light and one or two marks or spillages from the last meal you prepared! Yet a darker palette is encountering some sort of renaissance after being slept on for a number of years, as light shades dominated the market. However, with interior design becoming more and more “black and white” (excuse the pun), more people are figuring out ways in which dark colours can be utilised effectively.

Here at Derby Kitchen, there is no kind of kitchen our experts haven’t saw, which is why we are on hand to show you that black is well and truly back and why you shouldn’t turn your nose up at a darker design…

Something out of the ordinary

As we have already mentioned, dark coloured kitchens are becoming more and more popular, but are still not a fixture in most modern homes as of yet. As a result, use this to your advantage and create a style that is truly unique to your home. There is plenty of inspiration available online, as well as looking through our collection of kitchen doors and units for something that takes your eye.

Remember, your kitchen should be a room that gives off your personality in abundance, so don’t be afraid in adapting to some of your favourites and creating a dark coloured kitchen than you can be in awe of for years to come!

Can provide a striking contrast

We are not saying that a dark coloured kitchen should be filled with black and dark grey. Far from it. This would likely create a drab and dreary setting, and ultimately put you off going into your own kitchen. A dark coloured kitchen allows shades such as black and grey to steal the show, with brighter colours forming a crucial understudy. This allows you to experiment with grey kitchen units accompanied by a white backboard for example, you can make the room your own in any way you like!

Adds to a simplistic look

These days, less is more. No longer do you see kitchen worktops cluttered with large appliances and unnecessary apparatus that can be neatly stored away in your kitchen cabinets. In modern times it is all about simplifying and streamlining the look of your kitchen, which a darker shade can perfectly help you achieve.

Here at Derby Kitchen, we have seen many darker kitchen pallets work wonders in many houses up and down the UK, and across the world. So why don’t you take a browse through our extensive kitchen sale in the UK, we’re sure you will find a design that you like!

A variety of options

Dark coloured kitchens present a range of shades and styles to go for, so never think that you are limited in choice if this is the option you choose. At Derby Kitchen– we offer a variety of kitchen unit and door finishes that come in multiple colours. This allows you to carefully consider which colours would work best together, and decide on a shade of grey, green or blue to name a few!



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