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Discover a faster way to prepare your favourite meals with this induction hob from Samsung. It has 4 zones that use electromagnets to directly heat the base of your pans, meaning no energy is wasted, giving you safe and responsive results. The Dual Flex zone is great when you want to use larger pots or pans, as it increases the size of the cooking area. So, whether you’re whipping up noodles in an oversize wok or prepping a juicy cod in a fish kettle, you’ll have all the space you need. And while you work your culinary magic, steam is kept at bay with the innovative built-in downdraft cooker hood. There’s also a handy timer to alert you when everything is done to perfection. 

Key Features

  • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Built-in downdraft cooker hood
  • Two wide cooking zones let you use larger cookware
  • Timer will alert you when your food is ready
  • Dimensions (cm) - H21.1 x W83 x D51.5 - 

Samsung Infinite Range CombiHob NZ84T9747VK 83cm Induction Hob - Black

SKU: NZ84T9747VK
VAT Included
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