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Features & benefits

  • This product will help to lower the energy use in your home, and supports sustainable living through better use of resources
  • Cook different sizes and types of meal more flexibly and efficiently. The Dual Cook Flex system’s upper and lower cooking zones work independently or together. You can also use both zones at the same time, with different temperature and time settings in each, to prepare a variety of dishes. Or you can use the whole oven to prepare larger dishes. And the flexible door is hinged in the middle, so you can access the top easily
  • Air Sous Vide - cook food more evenly without it overcooking or drying out. The Air Sous Vide system accurately senses the temperatures in each cavity and maintains an even temperature for a long period. So everything is cooked thoroughly, wherever it is in the oven, and tastes deliciously tender and juicy (requires a dedicated sous vide cooking bag, which is not included with the oven)
  • Samsung Built-In Ovens are as durable as they are innovative. But just in case, we give you a 5 year parts and labour warranty too for that extra peace of mind
  • A+ Energy Efficiency - Make your home more energy efficient. You can use the whole oven and enjoy exceptional A+ rated energy efficiency* with the Eco convention mode. It saves energy by using less power, but you still have the convenience of a very large and flexible oven space. And it reduces harmful CO2 emissions. * The upper and lower zones are energy rated as A
  • Save time with our Wi-Fi Connectivity - monitor and control your Samsung oven anytime, anywhere using our SmartThings App. SmartThings cooking allows you to check and adjust your cooking temperature, or turn your oven off once the cooking is done. And Smart Care helps you identify and fix errors
  • Catalytic Cleaning - Save yourself the time and effort of scrubbing the oven. A Catalytic Cleaning* system makes it easy to keep the oven clean. The catalytic liner at the rear of the cavity absorbs grease from splashes and drips during cooking. So it cleans itself without any hard work or costly cleaning products
  • If you have a house full or love having guests over, the large 76 litre capacity oven is a must. The biggest roast, huge stews or several trays of cookies – you'll be able to cook so much more of what you want
  • SmartThings Cooking saves time and provides a one-stop kitchen experience. The app can recommend personalised recipes and create a weekly meal plan, or offer a guided cooking experience - allowing you to control your oven settings and monitor the cooking process

Samsung NV7B42205AK Series 4 Smart Oven with Dual Cook

SKU: NV7B42205AK
VAT Included
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