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You don't need loads of oil for fried food to taste good. The Air Fry technology on this Samsung microwave uses hot air to get really crispy food without deep frying. Need some inspiration? This Samsung microwave has SmartThings connectivity - find personalised recipes, use cooking guides and even create weekly meal plans. The Dual Fan cooking pre-heats the oven quickly and makes sure there's no cold spots – that means evenly cooked meals.

Good to know

Natural Steam function means you can enjoy juicy but crispy food – it creates steam while you're cooking
- Clean your microwave easily with the ceramic enamel coating – wipe away oil and grease without scrubbing
- Stop little hands from causing chaos – this Samsung microwave has a child safety lock

Samsung Series 5 NQ5B5763DBK/U4 Combination Microwave Oven - Black Glass

VAT Included
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